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Member Satisfaction Questionnaire

We invite you to participate in our voluntary customer satisfaction survey. Your responses will help us to learn more about the impact of the service we provide and aid in better serving you. We are committed to providing you with the best service, so we welcome your comments. Please take a few moments to rate us based on your experience with us as your Group Health Providers, M&M Insurance Brokers Limited.
Please rate your satisfaction with the level of benefits/ reimbursements you receive from the Health Plan(Required)
Please rate your satisfaction with M&M’s claim turnaround time(Required)
Please rate your satisfaction with accuracy of your claim settlements(Required)
Please rate your experience in relation to the timely resolution of you queries(Required)
Is the information on the portal user-friendly and useful?(Required)
Are you satisfied with the distribution of plan information?(Required)
Has your overall expectations been met as a customer?(Required)